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The ethos of Painting over Silence is pretty straight forward: this blogsite is all about the fine city of Winnipeg's vibrant, diverse, and always exciting music scene.

Painting over Silence, then, serves three principle purposes:

1. To provide a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of upcoming Winnipeg concerts (with an unapologetic bias toward indie). And, whenever possible, break the news of these shows.

2. To feature Winnipeg bands through straight-up interview or "11 questions", a series of fun, character-and-interesting-revealing questions.

3. To cast the spotlight on any band rolling through town (again, with a firmly-footed penchant for indie) through interviews or 11 questions (often with ticket, cd, or merch giveaways tied-in).

And occasionally, Painting over Silence publishes album reviews, concert recaps, and show photos.

If you are in a Winnipeg-based band, from a band travelling through Winnipeg in the future, or representing any of these bands, please feel free to email and we can work on a feature together.


 I'm looking to increase content on the site in the form of cd reviews, interviews, concert reviews, concert photos. etc. and if that's something you're interested in, let's talk. I'm open to any pitches.

Painting over Silence looks forward to hearing from you.

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