In Photos...Greg MacPherson w/ The Playing Cards @ The West End Cultural Centre

>> Sunday, 11 April 2010

Greg MacPherson w/ The Playing Cards
The West End Cultural Centre
Saturday, April 11th

For over two hours, Greg MacPherson tirelessly delivered the sonic goods, generously drawing from his entire discography. 

Even when MacPherson played songs off the just-released Mr. Invitation, enraptured fans sang along with every word. This speaks volumes to the immediate impact and connection Mr. Invitation has had on ears around town.  

After a quick costume change (read: a dry shirt), MacPherson returned for not one, but two encores. Special guests included an extra drummer (right), and Jackie Hogue and Molly McCracken from Greg's side project, Nova. 

MacPherson could be the new spokesman for P90X.

Above is Alannah Walker of Winnipeg's own The Playing Cards. Handpicked by Greg MacPherson himself, the fresh-faced quartet warmed up the crowd with some entertaining pop-rock numbers that suggest good things to come. 


Ian 12 April 2010 at 21:33  

AAAAAAAWWWWW Alannaaaaaah.
Playin music up there all by herselfs.

Anonymous,  13 April 2010 at 13:27  

gmac could definitely be the new tony horton!

andyboy 25 August 2010 at 14:52  

I was just checking G. MacPherson's site out and can't believe what I read on his About page!!!

Maybe a critic wrote them, maybe he did, but either way he posted 'em. What a dick! Couple of highlights:

In this country (Canada) Greg MacPherson shares a sparsely populated space saved for musicians who truly matter. (Well put! Best to stay out of the spaces for musicians who don't matter! ha!)

To compare MacPherson to the likes of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan would be blasphemy if it weren’t for the combination of pure talent and sincerity in MacPherson’s songs and performances. (It says "if"!! And I'll save the voice comment for the next quote.)

Greg MacPherson’s passion is honing his craft. While Bob Dylan now sings by grumbling at audiences in packed stadiums, Greg has just found satisfaction in mastering his own voice. He is closing in on that gap that separates him from those other legendary voices. (Way to put down Bob Dylan in a comparison with himself!! G. Mac's voice is actually pretty lame, I'm sorry to say and though I'm not a huge Dylan fan, that man is the kind of legend that upstarts cannot comment on. Geesh! My advice, Greg, clean up your web page and play your music to whomever likes it, without the namedropping of giants crap.)

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