In The Flesh...Japandroids @ The Pyramid Cabaret

>> Monday, 4 October 2010

Sunday night shows that start late must be tough on a band. Surely, they're cognizant that the majority of fans have work or school bright and early the next morning, and, if they do not immediately make an impact and engage their audience, clock watching will occur. And, slowly, people will trickle out.

Last night, Japandroids were well aware of this, cheerfully reminding the 150+ male-dominated population at the Pyramid that they too have to get up early and start the long trek to their next show.

Their message: Forget tomorrow. Rock out with us now.

Of course, when your live show is as loud, dynamic, and tempestuous as these two-man garage-rockers consistently is, it’s a pretty easy message for fans to grasp. Speeding their way through most of their catalogue to-date, guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse brought an enviable energy and undeniable presence to the stage, a liveliness happily mirrored by the crowd. The mass shout-a-longs during the appropriately anthemic “The Boys are Leaving Town” and the propulsive, melodic “Sovereignty” were ear-splitting highlights.

The energy of the place did wane from time to time, however, and some involuntarily yawns were spotted toward the end; but, that’s not a knock on Japandroids ferocious live show. After all, it was approaching 1 on a Sunday night…


Anonymous,  5 October 2010 at 00:05  

great 2nd photo of brian!

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