In The Flesh...Bahamas @ The Park Theatre

>> Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Park Theatre
Winnipeg, MB
November 30, 2010


Outside: snowy, windy, and cold.

Inside: inviting, intimate, and warm.

But just a little too warm for Afie Jurvanen. And he calls himself Bahamas.

“So, uhh, I’m wearing long johns right now,” confessed the songsmith, halfway through the main set. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

The discomforting heat source? A combination of an SRO crowd at the Park Theatre and the many new jaunty and upbeat songs he debuted throughout Tuesday night’s terrific double-encore-inducing performance.

From first note to the final acoustic strum, Jurvanen and his one-person touring band (Jason Tait, the man behind the Weakerthans’ kit) entertained a rapt, enthusiastic crowd with his unaffected songs, rumbling baritone, and off-beat charm.

What’s truly appealing about Jurvanen is his quirky stage presence and idiosyncratic personality. Many times he half-danced while playing guitar, and these playful moves brought fun and spontaneity to the intimate show. Many times he sparked big laughs during his candid song preambles (one story he told bordered on uncomfortable; ever the perfectionist, Jurvanen instantly admitted plans to edit the tale in the future).

And it’s this level of open honesty – whether preamble or instant self-evaluation – that lent a magical charm to the whole evening. A thunderous set of handclaps encouraged him out for an encore (after he shed the long johns somewhere backstage).

Then ecstatic clapping brought him out again.

And we all know it’s the double encore that’s truly special.


willlllllllllllll,  9 December 2010 at 16:42  

i just love this guy. 4th time seeing him and i'm looking forward to his next visit.

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