Album/DVD Review: Sigur Rós - Inni

>> Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rating 4/5

Those lucky enough to have seen Sigur Rós live are known to bandy about some high-priced adjectives while extolling the life-altering virtues of the Sigur Rós concert experience. Words such as surreal, transcendent, and otherworldly tend to populate most live reviews and while the band’s latest release, the DVD/2xCD Inni, doesn’t quite match the visceral intensity of its show, it serves as a fitting substitute. Chronicling the band's 2008 concert in London prior to its  three-year hiatus, Inni is beautifully shot in grainy black-and-white by director Vincent Morisset and judiciously edited, with archival band footage spliced in between songs. Inni ends with the previously unreleased Lúppulagi›, an arresting piano number that serves as a sort of teaser trailer. After all, is it a coincidence that in the same month Inni dropped, the band announced its return to the studio?

Republished with permission from Uptown.


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