In my younger and more vulnerable years...records that had a lasting impact on Raleigh

>> Monday, 29 April 2013

Welcome to a regular feature on Painting over Silence in which musicians share records that had an indelible impact on themselves and discuss what it is about these albums that were - or continue to be - so important toward their own musical development.

In this edition of In My Younger...we're joined by three members (sorta) of Calgary-based indie-folk-pop act Raleigh.

Seamlessly weaving in elements of pop, roots, and folk in its sound, the buzzed-about trio present these dynamic, quirky stylings to folks at the West End Cultural Centre on Friday, May 3rd. Also on the bill is Kieran West & His Buffalo Band and Poorboy. Show kicks off at 8 p.m.

Reminder: we're giving away tickets to the show, but the contest ends tomorrow.

All three members - Clea Ana├»s, Brock Geiger, and Matt Doherty (via Clea and Brock) - selected one record vital to their musical development. Here’s what they had to say about each:

Clea's pick:
If You're Feeling Sinister - Belle & Sebastian (1996)
I was eight years old when I got into Belle and Sebastian. It was my older sister's record, but I had it on a constant loop in my room. It was a tough time in my life and this was the record that gave me solace through listening to music that was simultaneously melancholy, beautiful, and hopeful as well. I wrote my own first lyrics while listening to If You're Feeling Sinsiter, and discovered the subtleties and dynamics of indie orchestral pop.

Brock's pick:
Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads (1984)

When I first started playing guitar with my friends in junior high, we were set on being the next best classic rock heroes. We were maniacs about Pink Floyd and did a full set of The Who covers at our first show ever. My mom started dating someone new at this time and knowing I was a music fan he gave me three "recommended listens:" Wilco's A Ghost is Born, Frank Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti, and Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads. I was floored by all three, but the Talking Heads stayed in my sony discman for almost a year solid. I finally got to see David Byrne last year performing the 'Love This Giant' tour with St. Vincent. SO much swagger and personality. Amazing.

Matt's pick:
Greatest Hits Collection - R. Kelly
Matt didn't get back to us with a choice, so we decided for him. We don't think this pick is too far off though. Last tour he was glued to R.Kelly's autobiography and he started emulating the guy. He keeps wanting to sleep in hotel room closets and stuff.


Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 08:52  

Yay- R. Kelly!

Jefferson,  30 April 2013 at 16:12  

"Matt didn't get back to us with a choice, so we decided for him.". Can't tell if joking. :|

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