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>> Monday, 6 May 2013

From Giants is an up-and-coming local band definitely worth hearing.

This Thursday, May 9th, the foursome will take the stage at the Park Theatre to introduce the city to its whimsical and delicately crafted folk-pop stylings. Kerri Latimer gets the EP release party going.

I recently caught up with the promising Winnipeg act for a short Q & A, and here’s what they had to say:

1.  From Giants evolved from a Jaymie Friesen solo project to a full-fledged band. How did this come to be?

From Giants began when Jaymie Friesen recorded a full length album together with Nathan Blanchard and various other friends out in the woods of Marchand, MB. Upon completion of the album "Wake Up Oh Sleeper" by From Giants, Jaymie found herself in Winnipeg with an album but with few musicians to help her translate the album into a live performance. After moving in with an acquaintance, Jaymie learnt that her room-mate Gabriella had a gorgeous voice. The two of the started singing together in their free time just for the fun of it. Not long after, Nathan Krahn and Charles Enns graced Jaymie's life and offered to collaborate with her. So in the Spring of 2011, these two women and two men found themselves in a living room week after week creating music and decided to carry on under the name From Giants.

2. So, then, who comprises the band?

Jaymie Friesen - lead vocals, guitar
Gabriella Neaufeld - vocals, drums
Nathan Krahn - cello
Charles Enns - banjo, electric guitar

3. What is the band’s songwriting process like? Is Jaymie still the principal songwriter?

Jaymie continues to write the songs and lyrics for From Giants. However, each song goes under a major transformation as every musician in From Giants offers insight and musicality to each song that allows the process to be collaborative.

4. Where was the EP recorded?

The EP was recorded at Private Ear Studio and MCM Studio

5. Michael P Falk produced the record – what did he lend to the process?

Michael P. Falk (of Les Jupes, Head in the Sand) offered a great deal of care and patience with each song. He held a great understanding for the essence and language of the songs, giving each song the space and time it needed to unfold. Being a band on a serious budget, Michael was still able to shape our EP in a way that reflected the spirit behind the music

6. When can fans expect an LP?

An LP? Fans can expect one when the season is right :)

7. And finally, what are the band’s summer plans?

We are checking our tour plans for the Summer with hopes to revisit a tour in the near future. Otherwise we will be playing at a couple local music festivals throughout Manitoba this Summer.


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