Sad days ahead - I can't find my Pinback cd

>> Sunday, 4 March 2007

A few months back I could not find my copy of Pinback's brilliant debut and - until just now - realized I have not found it yet. Fortunately, I have it on mp3 BUT I still like the hard copy version. is my search and rescue plan for locating it:

1. Look through my entire cd collection for a third time. This is always a good time. Last time I found my copy of Joe Pesci's album which is a guaranteed crowd favourite.
2. Open all potential cd player sources (cd alarm clock, cd changer, cd rom, etc.). I'll leave my car's player until last because of plan #3.

3. Look through my car (this will be done in conjunction with plan #2). I always find treasures under my seats like sunflower seed shells and suckers with fuzz on them.

4. Make a list of all people who could have possibly borrowed it and hunt them down through some means of communication.

5. Staple flyers that read "missing: one Pinback cd" on nearby tree trunks.
6. Contact my local authorities...hopefully someone is a Pinback fan and understands.

I'll keep you updated as I embark on this search and rescue mission.

Pinback rules.

Current rotation: Nathan


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