Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - Live At The Pyramid

>> Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hit the pyramid last night for Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains. The ex co-leader of Death From Above 1979 and his band's set was simply awesome despite the conspicuous absence of people (I’d say there were around seventy bodies).

Now a couple weeks back I was surprised/perplexed that the show was all ages since gigs at the Pyramid never are.

Then last night it hit me.

Good Friday = No liquor sales = Might as well host an all ages show.

Cursing my inability to piece this together and bring a flask, I sat stone cold sober, sipped a watery coke, and watched local act The Playing Cards and Toronto’s Flash Lightnin. I was lukewarm to both openers, although admittedly Flash Lightnin were pretty talented; it’s just their sound (sorta 70s blues-tinged rock) is one that has never really jived with my ears.

Back to Grainger though. Unfazed by the low population at the Pyramid, Grainger was brimming with energy and ripped through his entire debut record of anthemic power-pop (plus one more, according to a friend of mine) and by the end of his set was sweating so profusely that he immediately changed his shirt after finishing.

At one point he explained why he was so sweaty, uttering something like: “This is the soberest I’ve ever been while playing a show. I’m sweating away four weeks of booze.”

Then one of his band mates pretended to lick Grainger’s glistening, salty arm.

I bet he wish he'd brought a flask.

Infinite Playlist: Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - S/T


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