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>> Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rah Rah are a six-piece indie-rock band hailing from Regina, SK whose debut longplayer Going Steady dropped last year. Since its release, Going Steady has frequented the Canadian airwaves, charted on Exclaim, and even made my personal top ten records of 2008 list. It's pretty good stuff - the twelve songs are catchy, inventive rock-pop at its finest, and remind me a bit of The Arcade Fire but not as anthemic.

The band is rolling through these parts next week, playing the Lo Pub on May 7th, and were cool enough to answer 11 of my at-times silly, but undeniably character-revealing questions.

Plus, I've got a copy of Going Steady to give away. Simply email me (on the right) with the subject line "Rah Rah - Going Steady Giveaway" and be sure to include your name. Contest closes Sunday @ 1 p.m.; the winner will be drawn and emailed shortly thereafter. One entry per person please!

Thanks to Marshall, Erin, and Leif for doing this.

1. Where are you right now?

Marshall: I'm at home "studying" for my English Romantic Poetry final and listening to Plants and Animals.
Erin: In my living room, hanging out with my dog.
Leif: In Regina.

2. Who is the best Regina-based band (other than your own, of course)?

Marshall: Sylvie's new album is really really good and they put on an amazing live show. Polymaths, Library Voices and The Cathartic Lupins are all great too. Regina has a lot of great music happening in general - it's fun to be a part of it all.
Erin: The Cathartic Lupins!
Leif: Molten Lava: a two piece band that play their instruments fast and furious.

3. What is the best venue to play in Regina?

Marshall: The Exchange. It has a very intimate and warm feel and you don't have to sing over the expletive filled shoutings of random drunkards...
Erin: I like the Exchange because it feels like home and Ohanlon's because of the energy!
Leif: The Exchange because everyone including your mom can come.

4. What are your top three, all-time favourite records?

Marshall: By three you mean five right? Let's say:
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Neil Young - On the Beach
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in People
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits
Radiohead - Kid A
Fleet Foxes - self titled
Fugazi - End Hits
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in People
M. Ward - Transfiguration

5. Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

Marshall: Stewart.
Erin: Stephen Colbert!!!
Leif: Jon Stewart. Because he isn't a character.

6. Would you rather have Invisibility or Flight?

Marshall: Flight - I don't have much use for invisibility...
Erin: I'd have to go with flight. When you think about it, flight it the best of both worlds because if you needed to, you can hide in the sky!!! Plus I really dig birds.
Leif: Flight. Invisibility would just be depressing, creepy, and lead you to theft and dishonesty.

7. What is one song you love, but dismiss as “a guilty pleasure”?

Marshall: "Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond.
Erin: "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai..... so embarrassed....
Leif: “By Your Side” by Sade.

8. What was the last great concert you saw?

Marshall: Constantines and Weakerthans last night at the Riddell Center was pretty deadly but Neil Young in October was truly great.
Erin: The Great Lake Swimmers! That was pretty much the best night of my entire life. In March. Of this year.
Leif: At the Drive in..... in Barcelona. Everyone was really happy.

9. Which summer Hollywood blockbuster are you looking forward to the most?

Marshall: Not that Wolverine one. The new Woody Allen looks pretty good though I doubt it counts as 'blockbuster'.
Erin: I'd have to go with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, though I don't know exactly when it's going to be released, I just heard it was coming soon!!!!
Leif: Where the Wild Things Are.......

10. What book(s) are you currently reading?

Marshall: The Norton Anthology of British Romantic Poetry.
Erin: I am currently reading Blindness by Jose Saramago, Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk and I really want to start reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road!!!!
Leif: Orientalism by Edward Said.

11. And finally…who’s your favourite New Kid on the Block (Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan, or Jonathan)?

Marshall: They were before my time, but I'll take the one that was Mark Wahlberg's cousin???
Erin: I'd have to go with Donnie. Isn't he the bad boy? I'm a sucker for bad boys..
Leif: What happened to Timmy? I choose Timmy.

Infinite Playlist: Mum - Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Was Ok


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