10,000 Days Old!

>> Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This post is significant for two very good reasons:

1. IT’S MY 400th POST! Hooray!
2. Today, I am… *drumroll*…10, 000 Days Old! Double hooray!

In celebration of the latter historical event, I was planning on making a definitive “10,000 Days Playlist”, an extensive set of tunes comprising some of my favourite songs of the past 10K days (like Iron & Wine's "Naked As We Came" and The Smashing Pumpkins' "Glynis"). Sadly, I have about 80 jungle-thick pages of 18th Century Literary Theory to hack my through for tomorrow, and it’s likely gonna take all night (and a flood of frustrated tears) for me to read. Rain check on the 10K playlist, ok?

Before I bury myself alive in the cement-heavy philosophical worlds of Voltaire, Hume, and Rousseau, here are some important shows of note:

Matthew Good returns to town on November 21st at the Burt. Presale is underway and the code is Hollywood (thanks to Julie and Andrew for the heads up/code).

Promising indie-rockers Rah Rah return to the Lo Pub on September 24th w/ We Were Lovers.

The Trews play an acoustic gig at the West End on November 18th.

Little Girls open for You Say Party! We Say Die! at the Albert on November 25th.

Final Thought
is at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church this Sunday (the 20th) w/ Crisis Jane and Everyone Everywhere.

Infinite Playlist: Iron & Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog


Churchgoer 17 September 2009 at 09:49  

I second the love for "Glynis." I used to watch their live "No Alternative" performance all the time...congrats.

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