Painting Over Silence Blog Readers' Poll - 2K9 Edition

>> Wednesday, 2 December 2009

About that time again, Folks.

To quote French popsters Phoenix, it's "Listz-o-mania!" Well, list-makin'-o-mania anyway.

Time for yours truly to start searching and listening through the intimidating number of 2009 releases I've accumulated over the past 365 or so, and whittle down the records into a nice, tidy, and easy-on-the-eyes "Top Ten Records of 2K9 List". And then pen a few comments about why I loved each pick.

Like last year, I invite you to take part in all the mad fun that comes with list-making. Here’s how it’ll work:

Email me, by December 19, a list of your favourite records released between January 1, 2009 and now. I will compile all the results and, on December 21st, publish the "Top 10 Albums of the Year…as Voted by Painting Over Silence Blog Readers."

For last year's results, click here.

A few things:

1. I realize not everyone will have ten favourite records released in 2009. That’s okay. The minimum criteria is one and the maximum is ten. So, if Phoenix’s dulcet guitar pop record Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is the only album you really liked this year, please email me and let me know.

2. Order matters…to an extent. The top album on your list gets three points; the second best two; 3-10 are awarded one point. If you only liked one album this year, it gets three points.

3. Feel free to write something about that album, but please aim for brevity - a sentence or two. For example, say you loved Volcano Choir’s Unmap. Your comment could succinct “Explosive and beautiful” or longer “I played this album in an eternal loop for a month…and I’m still not sick of it”. Write-ups are optional. If you just want to submit a list, that’s cool with me.

4. If you do write a comment about an album AND it makes the final top 10 cut, I’ll be posting all comments about that record. However, out of respect to privacy, I’ll just write your first name. If you don’t want that, then PLMK and I’ll write Anonymous (or Anon for short).

5. Please do not send attachments. Simply paste your list and the optional comments in the body of an email.

6. EPs may be included.

7. No re-released/re-mastered/re-packaged/re-imagined albums.

8. My email is on the right side, under “About Me”.

Happy list constructin’ !

Infinite Playlist: A Stereolab Marathon - Transisent Noise/Mars Audiac/Emperor Tomato/Dots and Loops/Sound Dust/Margarine Eclipse/Chemical Chords

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