Happy July 2nd!

>> Wednesday, 2 July 2008

So Headlights' concert at the Albert last night was canceled, which was a major Canada Day bummer. Oh well. I'll mosey on down to Music Trader today or tomorrow and see if I can get my $7 back, and if not, we'll consider it a donation to any future construction endeavors the Albert undergoes.

And the award for the coveted "Attention Getting Ebay Auction Of-The-Week" goes to fiddler Ashley MacIsaac who is auctioning off half of his future concert revenue for $1.5 million dollars AND who will throw in a free concert a year for the next decade at any location chosen by the lucky winner.

Apparently someone has starting the bidding already. Not entirely sure if that's a good edition to an investment portfolio, but I'll watch CNBC later to see what they say.


Quinzy are holding a cd release party at the Park Theatre on July 16th. Bobby Desjarlais is opening.

Local folk/rockers the Western States are holding a Texas Fundraiser at the Park Theatre. I have no idea what a Texas Fundraiser is and am too lazy to Wiki/Google it. Sorry.

Current rotation: Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender


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