Better Than Old Zealand

>> Monday, 2 February 2009

All right, PoS blog-writer meeting.

First up, roll call.

Mykael? Present.

Ok, Item One (Electrifiers): Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out (above) will stir Pyramid denizens into a dancing frenzy on April 22nd.

Item Two (Singers): Toronto's Emma-Lee will show off her much-lauded pipes at the Pyramid on March 31st.

Item Three (Rumours): Scuttlebutt has it The Sea and The Cake will be playing The Jazz Fest this year. Stay tuned.

Item Four (Adventurers): Mykael (me) will be seeing The Flight of the Conchords in Toronto on April 22nd (scored 7th row tix earlier)!!

Can't wait!

Infinite Playlist: MGMT - Oracular Spectacular


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