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>> Monday, 16 February 2009

Local prog-rock quartet Mahogany Frog (above photo) will headline MennoFolk Manitoba 2009 February 28th at the Park Theatre. Other acts on the bill include singer-songwriters Donovan Giesbrecht & Chris Neufeld, and songstress Cat Jahnke. Tix are $7 @ Music Trader or $10 at the door (thanks to Jonathan for the heads up) .

Winnipeg's favourite twee-poppers Paper Moon are slated to charm those at the Pyramid to pieces on May 1st (my birthday!) with The Liptonians.

We Were Lovers and Arkells are the opening acts for The Waking Eyes March 7th Pyramid gig.

Bad Flirt, indie rockers from Montreal, are at the Pyramid on April 16th.

Some self-indulgence...

Kevin from Mr. Pine kindly invited me to guest-co-host his radio show on UMFM this Thursday from 11 p.m til 1 a.m. and I happily accepted. As a guest host, I get to pick half the show's music, so I decided it would be kinda fun to play a song from as many countries as possible in two hours. Kevin liked the idea, so it'll be the show's theme of sorts with the exception of Canada (Canadian content rules must be adhered to). So tune your radio dial to 101.5 if you're still awake and wanna hear me ramble incoherently about songs I like from countries all over the globe.

Oh, and I just got tix for Peter Bjorn AND John's show in Toronto (the Swedish trio play TO three days after Flight of the Conchords). I'm already practicing my whistling.

Infinite Playlist: Weezer - Blue Album


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