Cut Off Your Hands - Live At The Albert

>> Sunday, 28 June 2009

I'm nursing a hangover today and am in desperate need of a brain-cleansing nap, so this'll be a quick one.

Made my way down to the Albert last night and caught New Zealand Brit-Pop channelers Cut Off Your Hands. It was a sparsely attended show (50ish people) yet this completely unfazed the talented foursome who tore through a short, spirited set, essentially playing their debut You And I in its entirety. It was a lot of dancy fun, and I'm glad I went.

I'm certain COYH are gonna be big stars some day.

Infinite Playlist: Cut Off Your Hands - You And I


d-clang 5 July 2009 at 16:55  

Stumbled upon your blog.

COYH were a good time. Apparently they stayed in Winnipeg for a few days after as they were spotted on Osborne a few times!

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