Lioness, Grand Analog - Live At The Pyramid

>> Monday, 17 August 2009

Stopped in at the Pyramid on Saturday night and caught Toronto's dance-rockers Lioness. Their singer, Vanessa Fletcher, has this beautiful, soulful croon and her pipes welded perfectly onto the drummer's fluid rhythms and the bassist's throbbing lines, resulting in a contagious sound that almost everyone gleefully danced along to (except The Dudes who yelled "play something with guitar chords"). I suspected they're very insecure dancers.

I've mentioned my love of local hip hop/rock/funk/soul-mashuppers Grand Analog on here a couple times, so I was right irritated they didn't take the stage until 1:10 (Lioness didn't start until past midnight). By this time I was engaged in a fierce battle with the relentless Sandman, slugged him a few times (read: lasted several songs), then was TKOed around 1:35. A weeks' worth of intermittent, non-refreshing sleeps finally got the better of me. Next time I'll down a few Red Bulls. From what I heard though, Grand Analog were nothing short of great.


Not a lot new happenings these dreary days, but here's a few of note:

Classified is at the Pyramid on September 16th.

Collective Soul still exist! and are performing at the Burt on October 12th.

Infinite Playlist: melee of The Dirty Projectors - Bite Orca / Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix / Delorean - Ayrton Senna


willllllll,  18 August 2009 at 00:38  

yes, lean pickings for shows lately for sure.

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