Signs Of Sexual Confidence

>> Monday, 3 August 2009

Oh, how wonderful it is to discover a latent talent, even if it’s for something that doesn't really have much application in life. Like, say, wack-a-mole!

Fueled by carbo-heavy mini-donuts, I obliterated the wack-a-mole competition at the Icelandic festival yesterday by going a precise 15/15 and winning this adorable little guy:

With “Grumpy Bunny” safely tucked under my arm (that’s really his name), I made my way over to the Harbour Stage where Royal Wood was setting up.

Looking like a character from Mad Men, Royal Wood, accompanied by electric guitarist Dean Gerrard, played some warm, clean piano ballads and while I admired the songs, I wasn’t particularly moved by them. He did utter the best line of the night: “Singing is a sign of sexual confidence.”

John K Samson took the stage shortly after and his set-up was simple, too. Shedding the Weakerthans, Samson donned an acoustic guitar and sang some of his band's more lighter numbers like “One Great City” and “Night Windows”. And for possibly the first time in the festival’s history, the crowd demanded an encore! Ironically, the crew of chunky-glass-wearing hipsters to my left cheered hardest despite talking through Samson’s entire set. I found it very puzzling.

Regardless, Samson gladly obliged.


mum's October 30th show at the Pyramid is an early one with doors opening at 7. Early for the Pyramid's standards, of course.

Couldn't resist mentioning this one: baggy-pants idol MC Hammer is at Blush Ultraclub on August 21st. I hope he brings the Rapmaster 3000.

Infinite Playlist: Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Like Bad News


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Yes, logically correctly

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