In The Future...The JP Hoe Xmas Show @ The Park Theatre; Interpol NOT Opening For U2

>> Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Photo: JP Hoe et al. performing at the 2008 holiday show. 

First up, the annual JP Hoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Show goes down on December 17th and 18th (same show both nights, I believe, not accounting for spontaneity) at the Park Theatre. Xmas songs'll be sung; Fred Penner'll read; and zany holiday-themed costumes'll be worn.

I've attended the event twice. Best costume to date? A band member dressed as Kevin McCallister.

Second, bad news U2-attending Interpol fans: they're not opening. Good news U2-attending fans of the Fray: they are.

Third, resident indie-rockers The Details have a new EP called The Original Mark out on November 16th, a preview of sorts for their forthcoming LP, which'll hopefully see the light of day in 2K11. Hear and see the band live at the Lo Pub on November 27th.

And finally, Little Miss Higgins drops by the Park Theatre on December 10th w/ Righteous Ike.


willlllllllllllll,  12 November 2010 at 22:00  

i'm torn on the interpol non-opening spot. i mean i dont want to pay $70 to see them for 30mins, and it leaves the door slighly open for a headlining date here in the future.
on the other hand, the liklihood of that is small.

Mykael 14 November 2010 at 22:59  

Well, Interpol did play a sold-out show at the Garrick three years ago; the sell-out could bode well for a return date.

Weird, digressive fact about that concert: it ended at 10. On a Friday night...

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