Slanted And Enchanted

>> Thursday, 31 July 2008

Last night Thieving Bastards broke into my car and stole my cell phone. Why, you ask, did I leave my cell phone in my car? The answer's quite simple: because I'm a careless bonehead.

My no frills cell phone though, was, as far as I could tell upon the conclusion of my CSI-type investigation, the only thing taken, the criminals opting NOT to take any of my cds, a small, wicked collection which included: P B & J, the new Sigur Ros and Radiohead, and The Rapture.

I guess there's just no accounting for taste these days. I did, however, bring the four cds in, just in case they come back.

Some exciting show news: Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks play the Pyramid on October 27th (side note: Did you know he provided Cate Blanchett's singing voice in I'm Not There? Tres cool).

Current rotation: The Believer Magazine's Various Artists CD.


Hapless, Manitoba

>> Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I amended this post. Changes in Italics.

Updated Iron and Wine Canadian Tour Dates:

  • Vancouver...October 7th
  • Calgary...October 8th
  • Edmonton...October 9th
  • Toronto...November 13th (I originally read October)
A few blog posts ago, I mirthfully typed out Iron and Wine's Canadian tour itinerary and naively noted that since Edmonton was the last date scheduled, then logically and geographically Winnipeg had a fair chance of landing an Iron and Wine show. After all, a lot of bands will break up the lengthy trek from Edmonton to Toronto with a Winnipeg date.

Today though, I have some disheartening news: Sam Beam has extended his Canadian tour and the next date is a month later in Toronto. Blurg!!

While said tour date is four days and a month after the Edmonton one, there's still a chance, but I wouldn't hold my breath. The Divine Architect of Winnipeg Music has failed far.

On a considerably happier note, another confirmed show at the ever-so-busy Albert:

The Real McKenzies
are there September 6th w/ Wednesday Night Heroes.

Current rotation: Stereolab - Fab Four Suture


The Still Up And Running Royal Albert Arms

>> Monday, 28 July 2008

So I guess last year's fears about the Albert going the way of the Dodo-er-Collective (RIP) have abated because shows are sure happening around that place:

Brooklyn's Love As Laughter, who opened for Modest Mouse in the fall, stop by on September 11th w/ Oxford Collapse. Ominously, neither band's MySpace page lists the Winnipeg date...

Dance Punkers You Say Party! We Say Die! - those talented, yet hapless folks from Vancouver who can't play in the States until 2011 - will be encouraging butt shakin' on September 20th w/ Beast and Winter Gloves. To the band: you're always welcome here.

Ladyhawk rock the place on November 1st with Attack in Black and Shotgun Jimmie.

The Exclaim Tour featuring Baroness, Bison B.C., and Genghis Tron is scheduled to drop in September 27th.

Current rotation: Sparklehorse - It's A Wonderful Life


I Play The Drums Too!

>> Saturday, 26 July 2008

I have fond memories of The Zoo.

The fondest being many revolutions-around-the-sun ago when my buddy Matt and I attended a show featuring two now extinct local acts: Projektor and The Harlots. This was around the time The Harlots had that smash hit "Alien" playing every hour on the radio for weeks. We were really there for Projektor though, whom I've always felt were an underrated group with a mature, distinguishable sound.

At one point that night, Matt came back from the bathroom laughing non-stop. While inside the bathroom he overheard this inebriated old guy chatting up someone from the Harlots while standing at attention in front of the urinals.

Drunk Old Man: Are you the drummer?
Unknown Harlots Member: No, I'm the guitarist.
Drunk Old Man: Hey, I play the drums too!

I always conjure up this memory and laugh whenever at The Zoo and last night, while seeing a friend of a friend's band Seventh Sin, was no different. Seventh Sin are pretty solid, if you like metal, and played a tight, rockin' set that even included a stirring rendition of Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell'. There's something about hearing heavy metal live that inspires me to come home, plug in my dusty electric guitar, crank my amp to 11, and blast my windows out onto the street.

Too bad I live in an apartment.

Crystal Castles open for Nine Inch Nails on the 31st.

Reel Big Fish are part of the bill for September 23rd's Less Than Jake show at The Burt.

Testament open for Judas Priest in four days.

Current rotation: The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema


Fargo: To Include, Or Not To Include...That Was The Question

>> Friday, 25 July 2008

Lately, as I've visited my usual music-related haunts on the Net, I've noticed more and more bands including Fargo (but not Winnipeg and/or the rest of Canada) on their tour itinerary, which kinda makes sense since crossing the border can be, at times, an unwanted pain. So I've been contemplating whether to include these shows in my listing since Fargo (tangentially-related: did you know Fargo's population is 1/7th Winnipeg's?) is a mere three hour, cross-border adventure South and surely die-hard indie fans from Winnipeg would be up for the travel. Right?

After all, I'm by no means an overzealous indie fan but even I've traveled to Minneapolis three times - trip #4 will be in September - just to see a band. Thus, I've decided I will mention Fargo shows - when I can - since it's so geographically close and who wouldn't travel three hours (six hours round-trip) just to see a band they adore?

Oh and for the record, I've seen Pinback, Sigur Ros, and Stereolab in Minneapolis and have tix for Sigur Ros's upcoming September show. All three shows were worth the time and cost. Plus, I brought back the requisite cheap 40 of alcohol each time, which is always an awesome bonus.

Texas folk-rock band Okkervil River stop by Fargo's The Aquarium on September 15th.

Experimental pop-band Xiu Xiu (whom I believe played the now defunct Collective a couple years back) play the same venue on September 7th.

Both shows are all ages (remember: unless explicitly stated, you must be 21 to be admitted into North Dakota clubs).

This week I received an email from the members of an Oregon-based indie band called Muke inviting me to listen to one of their songs "Hamburger Waltz", and was pleasantly surprised by the song. It's a fun, catchy, stripped-down number that wouldn't sound out of place on the Juno soundtrack. Click on their name to hear it.

Well, I'm off to The Zoo to hear a friend of a friend's band Seventh Sin, a heavy metal act featured in Uptown this week.

Current rotation: The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema


The Art Of Carrying On

>> Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ok. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I missed local indie rockers Novillero's new album announcement in late June, just learning about the record's release date yesterday. Titled A Little Tradition, said LP will be dropped September 9th via Mint Records with the band playing a CD release show at the Pyramid on Sept 12th. It's a Friday night so don't use the ol' "Shows run too late at the Pyramid" excuse, like I always do. Plus, Novillero rock live so it's a guaranteed party.

Speaking of the Pyramid...

Moses Mayes will be there two weeks later on September 26th.

Toronto's Born Ruffians on October 4th.

The Fighting Hellfish a week later on the 11th.

Honey Eyes are releasing a cd on October 18th.

Arts & Crafts (Stars, BSS, Constantines) recording artist Jason Collett is there a week after that, on the 25th.

is there August 8th.

Local acts Floor 13 and Domenica play there August 5th.

It appears the Pyramid is benefiting quite a bit from the WECC's closure due to renovations.

Get well soon WECC. We miss you.

Current rotation: The Hold Steady - Stay Positive


I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend, I Just Wanna Be Your Lover

>> Monday, 21 July 2008

Evenin' Music Fans!

Couple of show announcements:

Floridan Ska/Punk rockers Less Than Jake play The Garrick on September 23rd. Presale starts Wednesday, but I don't know the password (yet).

Parokya Ni Edgar are there almost two months earlier on July 26th.

Current rotation: MGMT - Oracular Spectacular


Presenting The Always Progressive....Radiohead.

>> Saturday, 19 July 2008

This futuristic Radiohead video is impressive.

Forgoing cameras all together, the band's latest vid "House of Cards" was made using "3D video acquisition systems from Geometric Informatics, and 64-element, 360-degree LIDAR from Velodyne".

Sounds technical.

Whaddya think?

Current rotation: Select Iron and Wine live tracks courtesy his MySpace page


You Look Like Me!

>> Thursday, 17 July 2008

Evenin' All.

Iron and Wine Canadian Travel Itinerary:

  • Vancouver...October 7th
  • Calgary....October 8th
  • Edmonton...October 9th
  • Winnipeg...PLEASE
So earlier I learned Iron and Wine is playing the above Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton dates in October. Surely this is an auspicious sign for a possible Sam Beam Winnipeg stop. After all, it only makes sense to roll through Regina and/or Saskatoon after Edmonton then stop in for a date in our beloved city before heading down to say, Fargo.

So I need you all to do me a colossal favour: press your bladed hands together and
pray to The Divine Architect of Winnipeg Music to bring him to our city. Heck, I'd even settle for a Fargo date. Stay tuned.


Did anyone catch The Hold Steady do double duty last night on Letterman? Craig Finn & co. were involved in a segment with comedian Andy Kindler and later performed "Sequestered In Memphis" off their new record
Stay Positive. It was refreshing to see Letterman's writers giving some indie rockers added and much deserved exposure.

The performance was great. The segment quite funny (see below).

Oh and don't forget, they're in Fargo next week if you're up for some border-crossing and a quick jaunt south.


Sugar Minott is at the Pyramid on August 21st.

SubCity Dwellers play the King's Head on August 22nd.

Amon Amarth rock the Garrick on October 11th w/ Ensiferum, Belphegor, and The Absence.

Anti-Flag is there on September 6th.

Ian Tyson plays the Burt on Halloween.

We Are Wolves stop by the Albert on September 22nd.

Zimmers Hole the next night.

Great Big Sea play The MTS Centre on November 27th.

James Blunt returns there on November 21st. I haven't been following his career: Did he ever have another hit?

Current rotation: The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America


The Omnipresent Leslie Feist

>> Monday, 14 July 2008

Evenin' All.

Earlier I was watching Jeopardy (and learnin' loads) while attempting to measure my trivia knowledge up against three erudite contestants. While I totally nailed the "Canadian Singers" category, I was pretty much upstaged otherwise. Anyways, the $2000 and thus most valuable clue in the column was about indie/mainstream transcender Feist, who is now officially cemented as a household name. And not surprisingly the lady contestant on the far left easily answered it.

Then, I start reading the news online and learned Feist also appeared on Sesame Street earlier in the week, and I gotta admit, her guest spot/song is charming in a halcyon kinda way. Plus, I still love The Count - wouldn't it have made sense to include him in this??

Jeopardy AND Sesame Street. What's next? The Simpsons?

AB Irato is at the Albert on August 1st.

Current rotation: Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours


Lugubrious, Dreary, Bleak, Gloomy

>> Saturday, 12 July 2008

However you want to describe it, there's no doubt this is beyond lousy weather for Folk Fest. While I'm sure the music will more than make up for it (especially Ray Davies), keep in mind this is coming from the guy who is currently lounging in the sheltered comfort of his apartment and listening to Beck's latest.

I'm not exactly a credible, empathetic source I guess.


The Garrick is hosting the Winnipeg leg of The Summer Slaughter Tour on August 19th featuring Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Into Eternity, Neuraxis, White Chapel, Veil of Maya, Divinity and Common Grave. All these bands for only $29.50 . Tix @ Music Trader.

Current rotation: Beck - Modern Guilt


Who Gives A Fuck About An Oxford Comma?

>> Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ahoy all!

One show to note: Elliott Brood is at the Pyramid on September 27th.

Current rotation: Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block


We Must Cultivate Our Garden

>> Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Evenin' Folks.

Long time, no post. This is largely due to a conspicuous lack of Winnipeg concert announcements these days, at all levels (from the mammoth MTS Center down to the humble, but apt Albert). Kinda odd, but it's summer I guess.
This is a few days old and most of you have likely heard about this several times over, but I figure it's worth rehashing anyways: Winnipeg's The Weakerthans were short-listed for the esteemed Polaris Prize for their 2007 release Reunion Tour. Other nominees were:
  • Basia Bulat
  • Stars
  • Holy Fuck
  • Caribou
  • Black Mountain
  • Kathleen Edwards
  • Plants and Animals
  • Shad
  • Two Hours Traffic

My personal favourite amongst the list is Basia Bulat, who dazzled me last fall during an opening gig for previous Polaris prize winner Final Fantasy, and whose album is a rarity amongst my ever-expanding collection: it gets better with each listen. For the historical record though, I won't be sad by any means if John K & co take home the 20K.

Winnipeg represent!


Against Me! will rock the Garrick on September 10th with Japanther. Presale tix are go! already but I don't know what the password is. General sale Friday.

Swedish prog-death-metal band Opeth play there on September 29th as well.

Current rotation: Beck - Modern Guilt


Baby Went To Amsterdam

>> Saturday, 5 July 2008

White Cowbell Oklahoma is at the Albert on August 19th.

Current rotation: Peter Bjorn And John - Writer's Block


What I Discovered Today: Awesomely Is A Word

>> Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ok. So.

Here's how my interests are inter-related.

Last Thursday, I hit Music Trader and picked up tix for Headlights' show at the Albert. Then, I came home and talked with a friend who mentioned he was currently watching (and loving) HBO's
Flight of the Conchords.

On Saturday, I checked out my first ever episode of
Flight, deemed it funny and idiosyncratic, subsequently became addicted, and watched most of season one (twelve, twenty-five minute episodes) over two days while complementing this by eating potato chips and drinking beer whenever possible.

On Tuesday, I posted a
Flight video to inject some bubblyness into everyone's Canada Day spirits and got ready for Headlights' show at the Albert while simultaneously belting out Flight songs at the top of my lungs (I'm a seasoned multi-tasker).

On Tuesday night, after weeping for what seemed like eternity upon discovering Headlights' show was canceled, rewatched a random episode of
Flight for consolation. It was pretty good second time around.

Earlier today, I returned my Headlights' tickets to Music Trader and while the clerk processed my refund, I browsed through a copy of
The Believer magazine on a nearby shelf since it had word sorceress Zadie Smith on the cover, then used my refunded money to pay for it. Got home, flipped through it some more and discovered that the actress who plays Flight of the Conchords' only, and therefore #1, fan Mel (see below) also wrote an article for that SAME issue.

You see? Isn't this yarn awesomely loaded with coincidences and therefore awesome?

Hmm. On second thought, perhaps this isn't as interesting as I had thought (you really had to be there)...Oh well. I'm gonna post it anyways.

Onto some serious business....

Jakob Dylan bailed on next weekend's Folk Fest, which truly sucks. And no, if you bought tix just to see JD, I'm afraid you can't get a refund.

South African a cappella singing group Ladysmith Black Mambazo are at the Burt on October 18th.

Hedley is at the Burt on October 13 AND 14th.

Terror frighten the Albert on August 4th. Warriors open.

The Ripperz
play the Pyramid on July 18th. The Liptonians and The Ronnie James Trio open.

Current rotation: The Kings of Convenience - Versus


Happy July 2nd!

>> Wednesday, 2 July 2008

So Headlights' concert at the Albert last night was canceled, which was a major Canada Day bummer. Oh well. I'll mosey on down to Music Trader today or tomorrow and see if I can get my $7 back, and if not, we'll consider it a donation to any future construction endeavors the Albert undergoes.

And the award for the coveted "Attention Getting Ebay Auction Of-The-Week" goes to fiddler Ashley MacIsaac who is auctioning off half of his future concert revenue for $1.5 million dollars AND who will throw in a free concert a year for the next decade at any location chosen by the lucky winner.

Apparently someone has starting the bidding already. Not entirely sure if that's a good edition to an investment portfolio, but I'll watch CNBC later to see what they say.


Quinzy are holding a cd release party at the Park Theatre on July 16th. Bobby Desjarlais is opening.

Local folk/rockers the Western States are holding a Texas Fundraiser at the Park Theatre. I have no idea what a Texas Fundraiser is and am too lazy to Wiki/Google it. Sorry.

Current rotation: Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender


You're So Beautiful - You Could Be A Waitress

>> Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Here's a video that has absolutely nothing to do with Canada Day, but just watching it instantly elevated my spirits and now I'm ready to party tonight at the Albert.

It's Flight Of The Conchords performing "The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)" on Letterman:


Current rotation: Flight of the Conchords - S/T


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