In Local Music News...The Falcon Lake Incident; Head In The Sound Showcase; Weakerthans Tickets Going, Going, Gone...

>> Thursday, 30 September 2010

<a href="">Metal Girls by Jim Bryson</a>

First up, last January, Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans combined creative forces, traveled to Falcon Lake, and survived the frigid elements for a successful near-week-long recording session. The end result: the aptly-titled Falcon Lake Incident, a full-length album scheduled for release on October 19th via our (as in this blog’s) good friends at Maple Music Recordings. Guest luminaries on the disc include: Jill Barber, Gord Sinclair, Peter von Althen and Dave Draves.

Speaking of the Weakerthans, according to their website, three of four December shows are now sold out, with tickets still available for their December 18th Reunion Tour set at the Burt. However, I hear a rumour the other day that a handful may still be up for grabs at the Folk Fest Store. Get on it!

Third, happening Winnipeg-based label Head in the Sand Records – responsible for bringing into being efforts by such Peg City denizens as The Record of the Week Club, Todd Hunter, Les Jupes, and Royal Canoe – are holding a live music showcase on Saturday, October 9th at the Cavern featuring three of its stable: Royal Canoe, Les Jupes, and the Liptonians. Tickets a mere sawbuck.

Speaking of the Liptonians, word from their camp is that they're currently wrapping up their much-anticipated follow-up to their WCMA-winning self-titled debut; the still-untitled sophomore release is due out on February 8, 2011.

And lastly, some more localites to follow on Twitter:

Hope Atlantic
The Details
The Lytics
The Weakerthans
Nestor Wynrush


In The Know...11 Questions w/ PS I Love You

>> Sunday, 26 September 2010

On Sunday, October 3rd at the Pyramid, drums ‘n’ guitar duos are on special; but, for once, it’s not those clamorous Japandroids dudes that are begetting all the buzz.

Instead, the hype and anticipation is centered around Kingston, Ontario’s PS I Love You, and their eagerly anticipated debut record, Meet Me at Muster Station, that his shelves on October 5th.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalist/singer Paul Saulnier and drummer Benjamin Nelson, this escalating pair churns out deceivingly effortless, fuzzed-out, indie-rock anthems that are hard-driving, melodic, and intense. For a band with an economic setup, their sound is huge, owing mostly to Saulnier’s awe-inspiring guitar handiwork and wounded yelp propelled along by Nelson’s insistent percussion.

I’ve got a copy of Meet Me at Muster Station for giveaway if you’re interested. Entering is business as usual: email me (on the right) by Monday, October 4th @ noon with “PS I Love You – CD Giveaway” in the subject line and your name in the body. One entry per person please.

I tracked the rising pair down for 11 questions, and here’s what the pair had to say (LOL @ Q.5):


Paul = all lowercase.

1. Where are you right now?

costa mesa, california

Let’s talk music…

2. What are some albums that completely changed your life?


metallica - kill em all
sonic youth - goo
television - marquee moon
jimi hendrix - band of gypsys
serge gainsbourg - histoire de melody nelson
david bowie - low

3. Of the records you own, which has the best cover art?


my bloody valentine - loveless
this album looks exactly like how the music sounds.

4. Who is one producer, alive or dead, you’d just love to work with?


maritn "zero" hannett (back from the dead) behind the mixing board with steve albini choosing the right mic's and amps and engineering and over seeing the whole thing. davie bowie and brian eno could be in the mixing booth just smoking and having a conversation while every once and a while david byrne's voice is heard shouting from a speaker-phone on a desk. and then the rza shows up to touch some buttons on some machines while telling jokes to boost team morale.

5. What’s the oddest thing a fan has yelled during one of your shows?


6. What is your favourite music video?

daft punk - da funk.
this video is so absurdly hilarious and surreal but also very sad. a dude in a giant rubber dog costume walking in downtown new york, trying to make connections with people.. it sounds so weird and ridiculous but it actually achieves something that's very honest and sincere. oh, and the song rules.

7. Where do you shop for music?

i'm a strictly vinyl dj and i love to rock good parties. i'm always digging for the originals of classic hip hop samples and breakbeats, etc..   i buy a lot of records, all the time, whenever and wherever i can... mostly from flea markets, garage sales and local used record stores in kingston like: brian's record option, turk's and zap. when i'm in toronto i go to kops, soundscapes and play de record.
And some hodgepodge…

8. What’s one film you can watch over and over again?


dr. strangelove

9. What book(s) are you currently reading?

"the plague" by albert camus. this is the only book i read.

10. What tv show(s) do you follow?



11. And finally, would you rather have the ability to fly or turn invisible?

fly. obvi.


In Giveaways...Two Tickets To See Holy Fuck @ The Pyramid

>> Friday, 24 September 2010

Acclaimed electronic architects Holy Fuck (aka Holy F***, Holy F-bomb, Holy Frakk, Holy Fornication Under Consent of the King, or however way you wish to mitigate the expletive) are currently in full-on tour mode, out spreading their fantastic third record, Latin, to venues worldwide. Their travel itinerary includes a stop in Peg City on October 5th at the Pyramid Cabaret w/ special guests Indian Jewelry. 

Interested in seeing the show?

Courtesy of the giving folks at The Union, I’ve got two tickets for giveaway, exclusively for readers of Painting over Silence. To enter, fire me off an email (on the right) by noon on Saturday, October 2nd with the subject line “Holy Fuck Giveaway” and your name in the email’s body.

All entrants will receive a confirmation email. Winner will be contacted shortly after contest closes. And, please, only one entry per person.


In The Flesh...Arcade Fire @ MTS Centre

Arcade Fire w/ Calexico
The MTS Centre
Winnipeg, MB
September 23, 2010


Arcade Fire

For the second time in three days, our city was the place to be for transcendent live music. Take that, rest of the world.

Now I must admit after Tuesday’s eye-popping, jaw-dropping, synapse-frying Flaming Lips experience, my expectations were low heading into last night’s Arcade Fire show. No way, I thought, Arcade Fire come close to that.

Should’ve known better.

Arcade Fire are easily deserving of the all the hyperbolic ballyhoo that blazes behind them like a comet’s tail. Critical praise? Deserved! Billboard #1? Deserved! The only band to play the Daily Show in, what, two years? Deserved! And, most importantly, they deserve their incipient reputation as a killer, must-see, top live entity, with last night epitomizing everything an arena concert should be: engrossing, rocking, moving, rocking, inspiring, ear-splitting, energizing, rocking and, well, just amazing.

Part of the magic behind the evening was the over-caffeinated energy and assured presence all eight members of the band brought to the stage (and sometimes into the crowd). Part stemmed from the carefully considered set list (Funeral tracks were interspersed throughout and consistently triggered minor explosions of delight). But, most importantly, part sprung from the collective good time everyone seemed to be having.

And as someone naturally reserved about singing and dancing along, even I couldn’t resist joining the raging party.


In Photos...The Flaming Lips - Live At The Burton Cummings Theatre

>> Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Flaming Lips w/ Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
The Burton Cummings Theatre
Winnipeg, MB
September 21, 2010

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

The Flaming Lips


In Giveaways...Two Tickets To See Hot Hot Heat @ The Pyramid

>> Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Those rambunctious, synth/dance/pop fusing fellas known as Hot Hot Heat are bringing their energetic live show to the Pyramid on October 2nd, in support of their latest offering, Future Breeds.  Along for the ride is a pair of opening acts worth the price alone: Hey Rosetta! and Rich Aucoin.

Interested in seeing this exciting triple bill?

Courtesy of our giving pals at The Union, I’ve got two tickets for giveaway, exclusively for readers of Painting over Silence. To enter, fire me off an email (on the right) by noon on Wednesday, September 29th with the subject line “Hot Hot Heat Ticket Giveaway”, your name in the email’s body, AND just for fun, answer this question: what’s the best show you’ve seen to-date at the Pyramid?

*Bonus entry* Anyone who leaves their answer under the comments - can be anonymous or an assumed alias - receives a bonus entry for the ticket giveaway. Just ensure your answer matches the one you email me.

All entrants will receive a confirmation email. Winner will be contacted shortly after contest closes. And, please, only one entry per person (unless, of course, you’re taking advantage of the bonus entry).


In The Future...Two Hours Traffic @ The Albert; Del Barber Opens For The Weakethans; And More!

>> Thursday, 16 September 2010

First up, Charlottetown-based power-pop band Two Hours Traffic just released the above video "Happiness Burns" into the You Tube World. The cut is off their '09 album, Territory, a record the guys are still touring heavily behind including a stop at the Albert on November 6 The Jezebels.

Speaking of the Albert...

IDM maker Otto Von Schirach and Venetian Snares materialize there on October 30th (gate night!).

The Wilderness Campaign and Depatures take care of opening duties for WOMEN on September 25th.

A quadruple bill goes down there on October 2nd: Falklands, Kids on Fire, Forever Dead, and Plus Perfect all rock the dark, dank, cavernous, yet always-enjoyable joint.

Falklands also return to the city on October 19th for a show at the Lo Pub.

In two days time, Whale Tooth take the stage at the Park Theatre.

On November 26th, Vancouver-via-Halifax chanteuse Jill Barber is at the Burton Cummings Theatre w/ Michael Kaeshammer.

Local singer-songwriter Del Barber has a bunch of shows coming up: On November 4th and 5th, he’ll be at Times Change(d); then, on December 16th, he’s opening for the Weakerthans at the WECC.

The Skate4Cancer Dream Love Cure Centre Fundraiser takes place at the Pyramid on October 16th; local acts scheduled to perform: The Lytics, Pip Skid and DJs Co-op and Hunnicut.

And to cauterize this post, here's some bad news, Jared Leto fans: 30 Seconds to Mars' September 18th show at the Burt has been postponed.


In Predictions...The 2010 Polaris Music Prize

>> Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Polaris. The North Star. A brilliant ball of plasma in the Ursa Minor Constellation directly above the North Pole. A star that signifies “you’re in the Great White North.”

The Polaris music prize. The annual award given to one brilliant record from Canada, voted upon by a constellation of Canadian music-biz folk. An album that signifies “you’re listening to the best music from the Great White North.”

Sales, label, genre? Irrelevant.

Perceived artistic merit? Relevant. Very much so.

On September 20th, 8:00 p.m. EST to be precise, this year’s Polaris prize will be awarded to one of the following ten nominees:

  • The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night
  • Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
  • Caribou – Swim
  • Karkwa - Les Chemins De Verre
  • Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  • Owen Pallett - Heartland
  • Radio Radio - Belmundo Regal
  • The Sadies - Darker Circles
  • Shad - TSOL
  • Tegan and Sara - Sainthood

The winner’s star will shine even brighter thanks to the pervasive media spotlight that will immediately ensue. Album sales may go nova. More fans will gravitate toward shows. Plus, there are 20,000, umm, cubits awaiting the winner, which is a serious, umm, asteroid of change.

This year I thought I’d try some astrology, consult this year’s charts, intently watch the celestial bodies, and attempt to predict the winner.

Except once I sat down and gave all ten albums several careful, uninterrupted listens (and officially stopped thinking about feckless space lexicon), I realized there’s a significant difference between who I *want* to win and who I *think* will win. So, I decided to split my guess into two: one for my “heart” and one for my “head”. And, just for fun, add another choice, “upset,” in tribute to last year’s upset victory by Fucked Up. Don’t get me wrong. The Chemistry of Common Life is an impressive achievement and a deserving album. That it took home the prize simply surprised me. For the record, Damien Abraham admitted to being surprised too.

But, really, making predictions like these is only fun when other voices are involved, so I invited some local music writers (slash radio hosts, bloggers, and podcasters) to share their prognostications with Painting over Silence.

Thanks to everyone who took part.


Mykael Sopher, Editor/Writer, Painting over Silence

Heart: Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record

After being overwhelmed by the smart, original songwriting found throughout You Forgot It in People, I was surprisingly lukewarm to BSS’s self-titled third outing and wondered if the massive collective’s songwriting well had dried up. The 14 vibrant, diverse, well-executed, and, at times, triumphant rock songs populating Forgiveness quieted all doubts (see: “Texaco Bitches” and “Meet Me in the Basement”).

Head: The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night

With The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night, this Montreal-based band have, at last, perfected their sound. The muted alien tones, swirling post-apocalyptic psychedelics coupled with leader Jace Lasek’s banshee wail took a few listens to get used to; but, man, were they worth it.

Upset: Radio Radio – Belmundo Regal

A confession: Prior to it being shortlisted, I had never heard Belmundo Regal in its entirety. Once I sought it out, I fell head over heels for this Acadian trio’s fun, uplifting, clever, and multifarious hip-hop. The future of Canadian hip-hop is here.


Jen Zoratti, Staff Writer, Uptown Magazine

Heart: Tegan and Sara - Sainthood.

Reason? I'm a Polaris Music Prize juror and this record was the only one from my long list ballot to advance to the shortlist. I think this is Tegan and Sara's strongest record yet, and it's one I consistently keep coming back to.

Head: Owen Pallett - Heartland or The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night

Reason? Owen Pallett, formerly Final Fantasy, was the first artist to snag the Polaris in 2006 and The Besnard Lakes are former nominees. There's been lots of buzz about both these records among my fellow jury members, and rightly so. These are dense, ambitious albums.

Upset: The Sadies - Darker Circles

Reason? The Sadies have long been underdogs in the Canadian music scene. Darker Circles is a beautiful album by a band most worthy of some recognition.


Nigel Moore, Winnipeg Correspondent, Off The Grid (Rock 94 FM)

Heart: If the hundreds of dancing, sweaty hipsters who packed into the Pyramid to see Caribou's set in June are any indication, more than a few Winnipeg music fans wouldn't mind seeing Dan Snaith repeat as a Polaris winner for his swirling, psychedelic album Swim.

Head: Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan has been getting a lot of attention this year for his sophomore album Nice, Nice, Very Nice. With non-stop touring across the US, Europe and Canada, and three nominations for Western Canadian Music Awards, don't be surprised if this is Mangan's year.

Upset: The Short List is made up of two previous Polaris winners (Snaith and Owen Pallett) and several well-established indie-rock and rap artists (Tegan and Sara, Broken Social Scene, The Sadies, Shad), so it would be une vraie surprise if French indie-folk group Karkwa or Acadian trio Radio Radio, both relative unknowns by comparison, took the annual $20,000 award.


Michael Elves, Program Director/Radio Host, Thank God It’s Free Range (UMFM)

Heart: Shad - TSOL

I've listened to this album more than any other on the shortlist because it is head-and-shoulders above the rest. My guess is the title is an acronym for "The Sound Of Life"

Head: Shad - TSOL

This is the year when the stars align and the Polaris judges see eye-to-eye with me.

Upset: Radio Radio - Belmundo Regal

Last year they picked the band with the swear-word moniker to prove they were hip; this year maybe they choose the francophone band for similar reasons


Mike Duerksen, Arts Contributor, The Uniter

Heart: The Sadies.

Equally dark and intensively hopeful, this record is the perfect companion for those long Canadian prairie winters. Beautiful, yet heartbreaking; this one hits home.

Head: Owen Pallet.

Probably the most conceptual of the lot, Heartland is incredibly clever in its narrative and also unsuspectingly catchy. He's won a Polaris prize for inferior work before.

Upset: Shad.

In a list dominated by indie rock/pop, Shad's second Polaris-shortlist effort proves hip-hop can be fun, meaningful and relevant even to someone who shies away from the genre. Remember last year's big win for hardcore?


Jenny Henkelman, Radio Host, The Book of Right On (CKUW)

I don't make distinctions between "head" and "heart." Only one of my initial long-list votes made it through, and that's Shad. Clear-voiced and plain-spoken, with irresistible hooks and judicious sampling, TSOL is a winner.

It's hard to say what kind of a chance Shad has with the 12-member Grand Jury. Caribou has a shot again, I think. Even though Tegan and Sara's stuff has never been my thing, I'd be pleased if they took the prize. If Broken Social Scene wins, I'm going to punch myself in the face. Well, not really, but that's what it'll feel like to me if their bloated overindulgence takes the day.


Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, Writer, The Winnipeg Free Press

Heart: Owen Pallett

The term "concept album" scares some people, so I wouldn't be surprised if Heartland doesn't get the Polaris nod (there's also the curse of having already won as Final Fantasy for He Poos Clouds). "The Great Elsewhere" is one of the year's best songs.

Head: Broken Social Scene

My second-favourite record on this list, Forgiveness Rock Record nearly clawed its way past Owen Pallett's Heartland. It's epic, fearless and easily the most cohesive effort by a band that sounds so comfortable.

Upset: The Besnard Lakes

I'd sort of love it if The Besnard Lakes took the Polaris this year. Their latest record deserves it as much as any on the list - it has such depth and texture that I get a bit lost in this record every time I hear it.


Jill Wilson, writer/editor, The Winnipeg Free Press

Heart: Radio Radio, Belmundo Regal. I hadn’t heard of, let alone heard, this Acadian trio until it was suggested as a long-list addition by several Polaris jurors. It was love on first listen: Belmundo Regal is horn-heavy francophone-rap fun. Who cares if the chiac lyrics are gibberish? I don’t know how much staying power it has, but it makes me smile every time I listen to it.

Head: Shad. I think it might be time for a hip-hop album to take home the Polaris and this one has the pedigree. It’s clever but not eggheaded; punchy and catchy from start to finish.

Upset: With so many repeat shortlisters to choose from, it has to be someone who hasn’t been on the radar. I’d be very, very surprised if Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan’s Nice, Nice Very Nice wins it.


Now it’s your turn: who do you think will take home this year's Polaris prize?


In Giveaways...Tokyo Police Club @ The Garrick

>> Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tokyo Police Club is currently out and about touring heavily in support of their well-received, hook-friendly sophomore LP, Champ. The tour itinerary sees the indie-rockers play a string of Canadian dates, including a stop in Winnipeg at the Garrick on September 26th. The Arkells support.

Interested in seeing the show?

Courtesy of our generous friends at The Union, I’ve got a spot on the guest list (+1) for giveaway, exclusively to readers of Painting over Silence. To enter, fire me off an email (on the right) by noon on Wednesday, September 22nd with the subject line “Tokyo Police Club Giveaway”, and your name in the email’s body. All entrants will receive a confirmation email. Winner will be contacted shortly after contest closes. And, please, only one entry per person.


In Local Music News...Romi Mayes Live Recording @ The WECC; Keri Latimer Reps MB In This Year's Great CDN Song Quest; And More!

First up, on January 14th resident roots-rocker Romi Mayes (above) is recording a live album at our city’s finest soundroom: the West End Cultural Centre. After successful live recordings at the WECC by Danny Michel and JP Hoe, one can only assume this album will sound nothing short of amazing. Tickets currently on sale.

Second, the annual Great Canadian Song Quest is well underway; this year, there’s a new, inventive, and kinda confusing twist (I had to read the press-release twice). First, users are to nominate a favourite road/highway in their respective province; second, the top five roads per province will be published on September 22nd; third, users then vote on their favourite from the top five roads per province with the final 13 (one per province/territory) being published on October 1st; Last, 13 musicians – one from each province/territory, natch – will bunker down and pen a brand new tune by October 22nd, immortalizing their home province's road/highway.

Manitoba’s representative is…drumroll please…Chantal Kreviaziuk Keri Latimer (above pic)! Suggest a road here. I nominated Highway 8 since it takes me to Gimli, and Gimli rocks the party every August. Plus I just love the quaint little pub on Main Street.

Third, upstart singer-songwriter Jenny Berkel has a gorgeously shot new video for her stripped-down, intimate song “You Don’t Hesitate,” off her record, Gather Your Bones . The track is performed live by Berkel and co. in an abandoned old house. Check it out. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

And finally, another local band worth following on Twitter: indie-rockers The Details!


In The Future...Luke Doucet @ The WECC; "For the Love of Lucille" Cancer Benefit Social @ The Pyramid; Bahamas @ The Park Theatre; And More!

>> Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hot on the heels of a critically lauded fifth full-length record, Steel City Trawler, Luke Doucet and the White Falcon have announced a cross-Canadian November tour. The high kilometer road trip includes a stop at the West End Cultural Centre on November 6th. Sunparlour Players support. Tickets this Friday.

On September 25th the Pyramid Cabaret plays host to “For the Love of Lucille”, the 10th Annual CancerCare Benefit Social in memory of Lucille Smith, who passed away from breast cancer 10 years ago. Expect food, silent auctions, and raucous live music courtesy of resident party-starters Fighting Hellfish. The event sells out quickly (only $15), so get yours asap by dialing 990-5755.

Jumping over to the Park Theatre, idiosyncratic (in a good way) folk-rocker Bahamas plays there on Thursday, November 30th. Presale starts tomorrow and the password is tahiti.

Montreal-stationed indie-rockers Winter Gloves perform the many nuanced, easily danceable tunes off their just-released (yesterday!) record, All Red, at the Lo Pub on November 3rd.

Alexisonfire is still active and at the Burton Cummings Theatre on December 4th w/ Norma Jean and La Dispute. Presale password is northern.

Abandon All Ships w/ Woe Is Me and Struc/tures make up a triple bill at the WECC on October 8th.

Speaking of triple bills, Blind Guardian is at the Garrick on December 1st w/ Holy Grail and Seven Kingdoms.

And finally, ascending indie-rockers Young Rival have been added to the September 14th Pack A.D. bill at the Lo Pub.


In Local Music News...Les Jupes Finish New Record; Samson's New EP; Quinzy Offers Free Downloads; And More!

>> Thursday, 2 September 2010

First up, resident experimental-pop makers Les Jupes (above) have finished recording their latest album, Modern Myths; expect it to enter the world sometime in January ’11.

The ever-prolific John K. Samson has recently wrapped up another solo EP, Provincial Road 222, the second in a series of Extended Players exploring the streets and highways of Manitoba.  Road 222, if you’re unfamiliar, runs north and leads to Riverton, home of the delicious Integrity Foods. The EP is up for grabs on Epitaph’s site on September 21st in either 7-inch or digital download form.

Speaking of 7-inch records, local punk-rockers Propagandhi have just, just completed a “dream-come-through” split 7’ with Canadian trash icons Sacrifice. Sacrifice covered Rush’s “Anthem” while Propagandhi bravely took on Corrosion of Conformity’s “Technocracy”. The band is hoping to have copies available sometime in October.

When you’re sent digital downloads on a regular basis, it’s easy for them to get lost in the catacombs of a disorganized inbox (solution: I started using labels!).  Such was the case with Nestor Wynrush’s excellent live album, So High From The Lo, that’s available for free download here (it’s been out a few months).

Speaking of free downloads, pop-rockers Quinzy are posting either an unreleased demo or a live song on their Facebook page every week. For the non-Facebookers, you can still access the free music goods even if you don’t have an account.

And finally, if you’re into Twitter, here are some Winnipeg acts up for following:


In The Future...Library Voices @ The Albert; DVAS @ The Pyramid; And Others

>> Wednesday, 1 September 2010

That delightfully massive Regina-based pop collective Library Voices play the Albert on October 14th w/ Paper Lions.

Pitchfork BNM earners Fang Island warm up the crowd for Coheed & Cambria on October 24 at the Garrick (thanks to Dave for the tip).

Upstart electro-dance group DVAS make their debut (I believe) at the Pyramid on October 8th.

Presented by the Winnipeg Folk Festival, five-time Grammy winner Robert Cray is bringing his blues worshipin’ band to the Garrick on October 3rd (presale tomorrow; password is trouble).

Over at the West End Cultural Centre, International Guitar Night is taking place on November 21st featuring Brian Gore, Clive Carroll, Alexandre Gimonti, and Pino Forastiere.

And finally, Edmonton dance-punk group Shout Out Out Out Out drop by the Pyramid on October 27th.


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