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>> Wednesday, 25 November 2009

White-hot Canadian folk-rock outlet The Rural Alberta Advantage (the cheerful trio in the above photo) swoop into the West End on February 9th w/ The Wooden Sky. I'm pretty keyed up about this one!

Glen Matlock (of the Sex Pistols!) is performing an acoustic/dj set at the Pyramid on December 10th.

Local label Deafwish Records is turning 5 years old this week. To commemorate the big date, a mega-party is being held at the Ozzy's this Saturday featuring Ultra Mega, Kill Katie, Employee OTM, Blackout Brigade and DJ Liar. Tix are a scant $7.

And whilst on the subject of local talent, Moses Mayes will be at the Pyramid on December 28th.

Plus, Winnipeg's own the Waking Eyes rock the same joint the night after.

Switchfoot play the Garrick on January 18th.

And finally a show waaaaaaaaay into the future. Blues-rock legend George Thorogood will be at the Centennial Concert Hall on May 22nd.

Infinite Playlist: Au Revoir Simone - Still Night, Still Light


11 Questions With...You Say Party! We Say Die!

>> Saturday, 21 November 2009

The exclamation-loving dance-punk troupe You Say Party! We Say Die! will be at the Albert on Wednesday night promoting their latest stunner XXXX. Little Girls kicks off the party.

I’ve got a pair of YSP!WSD!’s latest disc for giveaway to anyone interested. Entering is business as usual: flip me an email (on the side) by Friday @ noon with “You Say Party! We Say Die! CD Giveaway” in the subject line, your name in the body, and I’ll draw the winner randomly. As a nice little bonus, the disc also comes with a 14-song Paper Bag Records Sampler download card featuring Slim Twig, Sally Shapiro, The Acorn, Montag, Little Girls, Laura Barrett and a whole bunch of other wickedly talented folks.

In addition, I scored an 11 Questions interview with YSP! WSD!’s guitarist Derek Adam. Topics discussed included: Simpsons v. Family Guy v. South Park; Adam’s pick for album-of-the-year (so far); and the one piece of equipment absolutely invaluable to their live show.

1. Where are you right now?

in my bedroom.

2. Where is your favourite place in Canada to play a gig?

probably the royal albert, winnipeg. cobalt east!

3. What’s one piece of equipment absolutely essential to your live show?

becky's voice!

4. What are your top three, all-time, desert-island records?

ramones "leave home", sonic youth "daydream nation", SNFU "if you swear, you'll catch no fish"

5. What’s your pick for album-of-the-year so far?

"still night, still light" by au revoir simone, or "pale blue dot" by vicious cycle

6. What was the last great concert you saw?

youth brigade/bouncing souls at the rickshaw, vancouver. shawn stern for president of the world!!!

7. Who is one producer, alive or dead, that you’d just love to work with?

steve albini.

8. Simpsons, South Park, or Family Guy?

all-time? simpsons. currently? south park. family guy doesn't do it for me.

9. What is your favourite “Flight of the Conchords” song?

i haven't watched it enough to know... it was an ok show. don't really like musicals though, and it's kind of a musical.

10. What book(s) are you currently reading?

the internet!

11. And finally…who’s your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, or Raphael?

donnie for sure! or mike. raph and leo were too high strung. casey jones was pretty cool..

Infinite Playlist: The Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns


You Can Be My Bonaparte

>> Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The good and generous folk over at Vapor Records/1888 Media sent along some solid Jets Overhead and Vic Chesnutt merchandise for giveaway exclusively to readers of Painting Over Silence.

Jets Overhead
are Juno-nominated indie-rockers from Victoria who’ll be in Winnipeg tomorrow night as the opening act for synthpopper Lights at the Garrick.

The ragged-voiced, treasured singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt drops by the West End Friday night and will be joined onstage by his all-star band: Guy Picciotto from Fugazi, and members of Thee Silver Mount Zion, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Witchies. Plus, Winnipeg’s favourite roots-rockers Nathan open!

Jets Overhead Giveaway:

#1 A copy of Jets Overhead’s latest cd, No Nations + a black t-shirt (small)
#2 A copy of Jets Overhead’s latest cd, No Nations

Vic Chesnutt Giveaway:

#3 A copy of Vic Chesnutt's brand new disc, Skitter on Take-off
#4 Same as #3

To enter, flip me an email (on the side) by Monday @ noon with “Jets Overhead/Vic Chesnutt Giveaway” in the subject line and please include you name in the body of the email. Also, be sure to indicate which giveaways you’re entering (all, #s 2-4, etc.). You can win one giveaway from each artist, so ideally two prizes can be won here if you're lucky. I’ll draw the winners randomly.

Infinite Playlist: Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That


The First Time I Sang Out Loud All Through The Night

>> Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The highly productive Hawksley Workman will be out-and-about promoting two new records in the new year. His extensive cross-Canada jaunt includes a pit stop at the Burt on March 20th and presale is currently underway for this show. I think the code is workman.

The lovely and talented Basia Bulat will also be round these fine parts in the new year – she’ll be at the incomparable West End on February 25th. I’ll definitely hit this unless, natch, there is a men’s Olympic hockey game that night.

Also at the West End in the new year is Geoff Berner and Rae Spoon on January 30th.

And C.R. Avery drops by the WECC on February 15th.

Sunparlour Players play the Folk Exchange on December 6th.

Motley Crue return to the MTS Centre on January 29th.

Behemoth will blow the freshly minted roof off the West End on January 24th; Shining and Septic Flesh will aid and abet.

Veteran pop-rockers Sloan swing by the Pyramid on December 9th.

And finally, ex-Eric’s-Tripper Julie Doiron is at the Albert on January 18th.

Infinite Playlist: Silence


Ohbijou - Live At The Lo Pub

>> Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm in the middle of a whole slew of pressing things, so this'll be a quickie.

Swung by the friendly neighbourhood Lo Pub on Friday to catch twee pop treasures, Ohbijou. The place was packed to the rafters and the band didn't disappoint, busting through an hour long set of winsome and winning tunes. I will definitely check out the talented sextet again next time they roll through town.

Sammy Bananas is at the Pyramid on December 11th.

Swollen Members drop by the same joint on November 21st.

John Mayer is at the MTS Centre on April 7th w/ Michael Franti.

Infinite Playlist: Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP


Like A Balloon With A Grenade In It

>> Thursday, 12 November 2009

Delectable popsters Ohbijou (who, as Tracy Jordan would say, are "blowing up like a balloon with a grenade in it") are at the Lo tomorrow night for what should be a tuneful evening in the Peg.

Songstresses DALA stop by the West End on January 21st.

Local pop-rockers The Perms play the Cavern on December 11th.

Ottawa's Silver Creek swing by the Standard on November 27th.

Jon and Roy are booked as the opening act for Cat Empire's November 24th gig at the Garrick.

The 5th annual Quinzmas, featuring resident favs Quinzy, of course, takes place on December 11th and 12th at the WECC.

Singer-songwriter James Keelaghan is there on January 29th.

David Francey pops by the WECC on February 23rd.

Tim Sparks and Phil Heywood will materialize April 21st at the WECC.

John Mann's November 21st show at the WECC has been canceled.

And finally, the delightful Amelia Curran kick-starts both Skydiggers' shows this weekend at the WECC.

Infinite Playlist: Stars - Heart


11 Questions With...Matthew de Zoete

>> Monday, 9 November 2009

Rising folk-pop star Matthew de Zoete is paying a visit to our mighty fine city on Sunday, November 15th. Performing at the Edge Gallery with localite Katie Murphy, de Zoete will showcase his warm and breezy and very alluring tunes off Bottom of the World, his second Long Player.

I asked 11 Qs to de Zoete and he cheerfully provided 11 A’s. Topics mentioned: his pick for album-of-the-year (Al Tuck’s Food for the Moon); the instrumental essential to his live show (a Rickenbacker 360V64) and the team he thinks is going to take home Lord Stanley’s Cup this year (Detroit Red Wings).

After losing handily to the Leafs on national tv Saturday night (the Leafs!), I’m not so sure the Wings’ll make it to the big dance this year. But it’s a loooong season…

1. Where are you right now?

At the computer in the living room of my house. There's a fire in the wood stove, and a cat sleeping on the chair - so i can't complain.

2. Where is your favourite place in Canada to play a gig?

I'd have to say Halifax as the drive out there is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the shows are always good.

3. What’s one piece of equipment absolutely essential to your live show?

My Rickenbacker 360V64. I like that guitar.

4. What are your top three, all-time, desert-island records?

The Kinks - The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society
Otis Redding - The Immortal Otis Redding
The Who - Live at Leeds

5. What’s your pick for album-of-the-year so far?

Al Tuck Food for the Moon

6. What was the last great concert you saw?

Bidiniband (Dave Bidini), June 11, 2009, at the Casbah Lounge in Hamilton, ON.

7. Who is one producer, alive or dead, that you’d just love to work with?

David Bowie. Oh man, the aforementioned cat just barfed on the chair and the floor. Maybe she doesn't like Bowie.

8. Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart

9. Which team is going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

The Detroit Red Wings. I've been a fan since my Dad immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands in 1957 and picked them as his team, so I don't have much choice.

10. What book(s) are you currently reading?

The Wayfinders by Wade Davis and Wild Blue by Dan Bortolotti (a natural history of blue whales).

11. And finally…who’s your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, or Raphael?

Michelangelo. When we'd play with our actions figures, I was always Michelangelo while my older brother was always Leonardo.


Infinite Playlist: Julie Doiron - I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day


Watch Things on VCRs, With Me

As noted many many weeks back, Champion (aka DJ Champion) & His G-Strings are rolling through these unseasonably warm parts on Saturday for a gig at the Pyramid. The good folk over at Maple Music have sent along some cds for giveaway plus a spot on the guest list (+1) for Saturday night’s sure-to-be-killer performance.

Prize #1 – A copy of Champion’s Resistance cd AND a spot on the guest list (+1)

Prize #2 – A copy of Champion’s Resistance cd

To enter, shoot me a quick email (on the right) by noon Friday with “Champion Giveaway” in the subject line and your name in the body of the email. I’ll draw the winners shortly after. Oh and the show is 18+, so if your not of legal age yet, let me know and I'll enter you for the second prize only.

Oh, and congrats to Amy and Holly on winning the Rutledge/McClelland prizes. I'll get those out to you asap.

Infinite Playlist: The xx - S/T


Quantum Physics

>> Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Santa-Claus-like generous folks over at Six Shooter and the WECC are giving away some awesome Justin Rutledge/Melissa McClelland-related schwag exclusively to readers of Painting Over Silence!

Giveaway #1

1. Two guest-list spots for the Justin Rutledge/Melissa McClelland show @ the WECC on Tuesday, November 10th.
2. Justin Rutledge – Man Descending cd
3. Melissa McClelland - Victoria Day cd
4. A silk-screen poster (see above photo)

Giveaway #2

1. Justin Rutledge – Man Descending cd
2. Melissa McClelland - Victoria Day cd

To enter, fire me an email by noon on Monday, November 9th (address on the side) with the subject line "Rutledge/McClelland Give Away", include your full name in the body of the email, and just for fun answer this question:

What's your favourite album of 2009 so far?

A couple other things:
1. Winners will be drawn randomly by me and then notified on Monday at around 12:30. You can only win once.
2. One entry per person.
3. I have four contests lined up for November, and it’s possible a few may overlap. Feel free to enter all of them, but please adhere to condition #2 per contest.

Good luck!

Whilst on the subject of favourite albums of 2009 so far, I’m planning on running a 2009 version of the Painting Over Silence blog readers’ pool, so start brainstorming your favourite records! More details to come.

Personally, I think Phoenix will secure the top spot on my list. Or maybe Volcano Choir. Wait, no, Phoenix. Then again, maybe the xx will. Argh!


Whilst on the subject of lists…for the second year in a row, Matthew over at i(heart) music kindly invited me to take part in his annual “hottest bands in Canada” poll and has recently posted the results. There are some fantastic acts on the list that I shamefully haven’t heard yet, but have since fallen for (like Dan Mangan and Handsome Furs). Check it out if you have time!

And finally, some show happenin’s:

Jets Overhead are the opening act for Lights’ November 19th show at the Garrick.

Greg Crowe & The Scarlett Union, the Stiff Bishops and the Johnstones’s will be at the Park Theatre on November 28th.

The annual JP Hoe Holiday Show at the Park Theatre has been booked for the 18th and 19th of December. I went last year and it was a bona fide blast. Fred Penner read Harry & The Hendersons between songs in his alluring storyteller voice, which was 31 flavours of awesome.

Royal Wood hits the Park Theatre on November 25th w/ Rose Cousins.

Blue Rodeo has booked an evening’s sojourn at the MTS Centre on January 17th.

Illscarlett rock the Garrick on December 11th. USS will help out.

Joe Pug drops by the Park Theatre on January 23rd.

Infinite Playlist: Dan Mangan – Nice, Nice, Very Nice


múm - Live At The Pyramid

>> Sunday, 1 November 2009

It’s not everyday the band holding a commanding first place lead on your personal page comes to town, so, naturally, múm’s first-ever appearance in the Peg instilled in me enormously high expectations. Fortunately, the show matched my lofty designs. Almost.

My only complaint was the set list leaning too heavily on new material - it would’ve been great to hear more of the spacious, ethereal tunes from past-singer Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir's era (incl. ‘02’s Finally We Are No One and ‘04’s Summer Make Good). The new female singers certainly have the golden pipes for that stuff.

One unanticipated bonus from the post-Kristin-era-heavy set was watching/hearing the band reconstruct the meticulous sonic detail of the two most recent records (‘07’s Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy and August’s Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know). Mournful cellos, wheezing melodicas, skittish drumming, guitars, bountiful boy-girl harmonies, and even cue cards were expressively deployed. It was mesmerizingly textured.

The highlight for me, though, came during the single-song encore when the band played the stunning moodscaper “Green Grass of Tunnel,” one of only two songs not off Go Go… and Sing Along…. It would’ve been great to hear more past staples like “We Have a Map of the Piano,” “I’m 9 Today” or “Slow Bicycle”, but there’s always next time. After all, co-founder Orvar (middle photo) did say, “We are very happy to be in Winnipeg for the first time. Hopefully it isn’t our last” And, well, I believe him.

Set List (to the best of my knowledge) -
1. Illuminated
2. If I Were A Fish
3. Marmalade Fires
4. A Little Bit Sometimes
5. (Unsure)
6. Hullaballabalu
7. The Smell Of Today Is Like Sweet Breast Milk
8. Show Me
9. Nightly Cares
10. Blessed Brambles
11. Dancing Behind My Eyelids
12. They Made Frogs Smoke ‘Til They Explode
13. Prophecies Reverse Memories
14. Sing Along

1. Green Grass Of Tunnel

Sin Fang Bous, also from Iceland, was one of two openers. Their short set was enjoyable: sleek and squeaky clean indie-pop. Prior to them classically-trained cellist Hildur Gudnadottir performed several intense cello pieces. Loved that too (sorry, no photos).

Infinite Playlist: My Morning Jacket - Z


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