Mixylodian - Live At The Lo

>> Saturday, 16 May 2009

Bit lazy with my updates these days. Sorry!

On Wednesday, I hit the Lo for the third time in a week to catch Montreal's Mixylodian. The band went on pretty late (12:20), so the crowd was pretty thin to say the least; however, the tireless trio were unfazed by the threadbare audience and gave it all they've got, plowing through a 40 minute set of herky-jerky pop tunes lathered with gleeful and spirited boy-girl harmonies. Easily worth sticking around for.

Oh and the above photos were unwittingly brought to you by local brewery Half-Pints. I really *should* get a kickback - I'm gonna email them and ask for a free six pack!

On May 30th, Hello Operator are staging an all-ager at the Pyramid from 4-9; Ayria plays an 18+er starting round 10.

Gimli's The Paps open for The Shagbots on May 28th.

Vieux Farka Toure drops by the same venue on June 26th.

Local roots-folkers Nathan are holding a Run For Rights Benefit Show at the freshly renovated West End Cultural Centre on June 6th.

Infinite Playlist: Yo La Tengo - I Can Heart The Heart Beating As One


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