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>> Saturday, 1 November 2008

So Matthew over at the indispensable I Heart Music kindly invited me to take part in his annual list of Canada's Hottest Bands this year. I was asked to submit a list of 10 acts whom I deemed had particularly successful 2008s - however I wanted to define that - and include a brief write up.

My list was composed rather extemporaneously since I've been absolutely swamped these past two weeks with school and work; but, overall, I'm happy with it except for one glaring, shameful omission: the ultra-talented Chad VanGaalen. My apologizes to Chad.

Anyways, Matthew has tabulated the results and posted it on his site, and I highly recommend checking it out (thanks to Matthew for the honoured invite).

My list was:

1. Caribou

A Dan Snaith worthy math equation:

A much-deserved Polaris + subsequent media exposure = Increased Popularity / Record Sales.

2. Tokyo Police Club

Few things are more fortuitous for a young career than opening for indie-pop deities Weezer.

3. Basia Bulat

Had she won the Polaris, she’d have been #1. She charmed me to pieces during her opening gig for Final Fantasy round these parts last year and continues to charm other Canadians at a reported exponential rate.

4. Weakerthans

Winnipeg represent! These hyper-literate lads have scored accolade after accolade for Reunion Tour. And they deserve it.

5. Feist

Was a recent clue on Jeopardy (and I got it!) as well as a guest on Sesame Street. Hmm. Maybe she should be #1?

6. Plants and Animals

I’m embarrassed to admit this: my first exposure to these guys was last month when they opened for The Born Ruffians at the Pyramid. I was so impressed I repeatedly exclaimed #7 followed by “are these guys ever good!”

7. Holy Fuck

Should thank the conservative party for the unanticipated exposure. Little did that “progressive” party know, these guys have a great sound.

8. Born Ruffians

I couldn’t tell if more people were at their concert to see Plants & Animals or them, so that hurt their ranking.

9. Ohbijou

Should be higher, but aren’t. Maybe next year.

10. Two Hours Traffic

See #9.


The Stills
are opening for Sam Roberts' January 22nd show at the Burt.

Brian Borcherdt is opening for Martha Wainwright next month at the Pyramid.

Infinite Playlist: The Dears - Missiles


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