Evening Headlines: The WECC's 25th Anniversary! Plants & Animals @ The Park Theatre

>> Friday, 14 September 2012

First up, the WECC is celebrating its 25th anniversary in style, with a two-night concert series going down on Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20th.

  • The first night sees hometown heroes Propagandhi rock the joint aided and abetted by openers Head Hits Concrete and The Hissers. Advance tickets are $20
  • The party continues Saturday with a collaborative performance featuring Nicky Mehta (The Wailin’ Jennys), Nancy Reinhold (formerly of Wyrd Sisters), Nathan Rogers & JD Edwards (Dry Bones), Daniel Roa, Ismaila Alfa, Keri Latimer (Nathan), Sam Baardman, Cara Luft, Lloyd Peterson, Scott Nolan, Vanessa Kuzina & MJ Dandenau (Oh My Darling), Andrina Turenne, Alexa Dirks and Ariane Jean (Chic Gamine), Red Moon Road, Greg Macpherson, and more. Advance tickets are $25. 

Gabrielle Papillon is at Sam's Place on November 16th.

Rihanna returns to town for a 2013 date at the MTS Centre on March 25th.

The Noble Thiefs is at the Pyramid on October 30th w/ Big John Bates.

Mahogany Frog is holding a cd release at Frame Arts Warehouse on September 28th w/ Ultra Mega and Animal Teeth.

Speaking of album release parties, local indie-pop act Indicator Indicator is holding their EP release at The Park Theatre on September 30th w/ Federal Lights.

Monika Wall is staging her album release at the WECC on Saturday, September 22nd.

Cuff The Duke is at the Park Theatre on October 5th w/ Reverend Rambler.

Old Man Luedecke is there on October 17th.

And so is Hey Ocean: check the band out there on October 29th.

For a good time, try this solid double bill at the Park Theatre: Plants & Animals w/ Rah Rah on November 9th.

Toronto hip hop act Relic is at VP Nights on September 20th.

Resident rockers Hey Pilgrim is at The Cavern on October 5th.

And finally, Greg Rekus is at Mondragon on September 20th.


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