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>> Monday, 23 April 2007

Earlier today I read an article about pop chanteuse Sheryl Crow's 'innovative' environmental saving ideas. She suggests using only one square of toilet paper per bathroom use and developing a clothing line with a detachable "dining sleeve" that may be used as a serviette.

I'm tempted to make some bathroom jokes, but I run a clean blog so I'll let you decide for yourself if the bathroom idea is a good one. As for the napkin laced clothing line, I don't even know what to say.


Frog Eyes are at the Collective on May 30th w/ Himalayan Bear and All of Your Friends. Tix are $10 at Into the Music, Music Trader, or

You Say Party! We Say Die! are at the Albert on May 26th! w/ Ladyhawk! Tix are only $10! At Into the Music! Music Trader! or!

Dying Fetus, whom I've never heard of but figure probably aren't an emo band, are at the Zoo on June 15th w/ Bloodshoteye, Convenance, Dissolution, and Besieged. Tix are $10 at Osborne Village Inn or

Fucked Up (so much for running a clean blog) are at the Collective on July 10th w/ Under Pressure. Tix are $8 at SK8, Into the Music, Music Trader, or

Wow! Tix for all four of the above shows were printed by Take that ticketmaster!

Current rotation - LCD Soundsystem / Hockey


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