Are We To Believe This Is Some Sort Of Magical Xylophone?

>> Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A conundrum: when I hyperlink band names, do I link to the band's website or their myspace page?

The facts:

The band's website often features an elaborate design, a biographical write-up, a complete list of tour dates, news, discography, and (sometimes) free downloads.

Myspace, while undeniably cluttered (read: euphemism for ugly), allows users to sample several tracks from the band in question, read some blog entries and seems, in general, more up-to-date than the band's website.

Hmm. Strong arguments from both sides. For now, I'll stick with the band's official site. Unless of course that's non-existent.
Not once, not twice, but Thrice is at The Burt on Feb 12th. Tickets go on sale Friday (sorry folks, I don't have a presale password).

Current rotation: Electric President S/T / Radiohead In Rainbows


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