At Last! My Favourite Tracks Of 2007

>> Thursday 27 December 2007

At some point over the past year, each one of these songs was played in a continuous loop in my player. There was something distinguishable about each track that made me want to play them over and over until I figured out what it was that affected me so viscerally.

I realized though, that I’ll never know the answer. These songs just do.

If you can, seek them out and hopefully, if you’re lucky, they’ll affect you similarly.

It’s a wonderful high.

Painting Over Silence – My Favourite Tracks of 2007 (the order was meticulously arranged for the cd I made)

  1. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
  2. Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights
  3. Iron and Wine – Innocent Bones
  4. Wilco – You Are My Face
  5. Mum – Blessed Brambles
  6. Bloc Party – Kreuzberg
  7. The Shins – Sleeping Lessons
  8. The Weakerthans – Night Windows
  9. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
  10. Nathan – Terrible Way to See Omaha
  11. Peter Bjorn and John – Up Against The Wall
  12. The National – Start a War
  13. Modest Mouse – Missed The Boat
  14. The Clientele – The Queen of Seville
  15. Mum – Marmalade Fires
  16. Amiina – Rugla

Note: If I was forced to pick a single song that was my favourite of the year, it'd be Mum’s ‘Marmalade Fires’. According to my stats, I played it 88 times. That doesn’t include my car or my ipod or anywhere else I may have listened to it.

You can hear the song on their horribly cluttered myspace page.

Current rotation: The above list!


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