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>> Saturday, 17 July 2010

(Photo credit: Ryan Marr)

Easily the most exciting show happening this week in Winnipeg takes place this Tuesday at the Lo Pub, a true double-bill featuring about-to-breakout Toronto folk-pop outfit Forest City Lovers (and, as previously featured, blossoming singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk).

Forest City Lovers are no stranger to the stage, having toured strongly behind all records (three to date) and building a solid live band reputation. Their latest ultra-melodic offering, Carriage, bubbles over with effervescent pop gems further buoyed by singer/band founder Kat Burns’ vibrant vocals and the group’s tight, dance-inducing rhythm section.

I had the chance to ask frontwoman Burns 11 interest-and-character revealing questions. Here’s what Kat had to say.

1. Where are you right now?
Currently in our friend Becky and Steven's living room in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Let’s talk music…

2. What are some albums that completely changed your life?

I think when I first discovered Kid A, that sort of brought music to a new light for me. It was the first album that was groundbreaking to me. I still love that album. Also On the Beach by Neil Young was also a major album for me in high school. These of course came about before I even played music, so I feel they were an important part in inspiring me to make music later on.

3. Of the records you own, which has the best cover art?
Oh gosh, I would have to go home and look through all my records. I have a lot of favourites, so I am not sure...

4. Where do you shop for music?
Soundscapes in Toronto, and usually the small independents in other cities that we visit. Got to support the small guys.

5. Who is the most underrated Canadian band at the moment?
Guelph Ontario's Richard Laviolette - he is a fantastic songwriter and every band he fronts is an extension of that.

6. What is your favourite music video?

Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"
As an art student, it got me. I think that is hands down on of the most interesting video that has come out lately.

And some hodgepodge…

7. What is your current ringtone?
I'm not really into ringtones so mine is either just silent with vibrate or a regular ring.  I don't like hearing people's phone ring, ha.

8. PC or Mac?
Mac attack!

9. What’s one film you can watch over and over again?

Chasing Amy and Ninja Turtles

10. What TV shows do you follow?
Nothing at the moment but I'm a huge fan of Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks on DVD

11. And finally, would you rather have the ability to fly or turn invisible?
FLY! I would want people to see me flying.


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