In The Know...11 Questions w/ The Wilderness of Manitoba

>> Thursday, 22 July 2010

There are many reasons why you should love burgeoning alt-folk act The Wilderness of Manitoba. 

Here are five:

  1. They bravely use the name of our mighty fine province in their moniker (last time THAT happened, a lawsuit was launched)
  2. They compose seemingly effortless alt-folk soundscapes that are familiar, vulnerable, and soul-stirringly beautiful.
  3. Said music is fueled by gorgeous melodies and lush vocal harmonies
  4. They answered my 11 questions in video-form, conveniently uploaded the vid to YouTube, and sent me the link. Points for creativity and originality. Bonus points for making my posting life simple (no wrestling with temperamental html/ formatting required).
  5. See numbers 1 through 4

If you’re interested in hearing this highly inventive folk troupe perform the many wonderful songs off their debut, When You Left the Fire, at the West End Cultural Centre on July 31 (in ACU Hall), I’ve got a pair of tickets to offer up courtesy of the generous folks at the WECC. Entering is, as always, simple. Fire off an email (on the side) by Thursday, July 29th @ noon with the subject line “The Wilderness of Manitoba Ticket Giveaway” and your name in the email’s body. I’ll draw the winner randomly and contact the lucky person shortly thereafter.



Rieds 22 July 2010 at 10:48  

Video-form reply to 11-questions is terrific. Good play TWoM!

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