Justin Timberlake to play MTS Centre in August

>> Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A few weeks back I posted a hilarious video featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy from SNL singing 'Dick In a Box', and now that I hear he is coming to Winnipeg on August 25th, I am tempted to buy a ticket just in case he performs it. I've heard it is a rarity on his tour though, so I'll likely save my money. For those still interested, there is no ticket information available yet, just a date and a venue.

Also, Winnipeg's The Weakerthans are hitting The Garrick on April 28th as part of Nuna, a nine day Icelandic celebration taking place from April 22-30. Also on the bill is Icelandic band Fabula. I know nothing about them. Tickets are $24.50 and go on sale Friday.

Lucinda Williams will be playing her first ever show here on June 17th at the Burt. Tickets are $39.

Current rotation: Field Music


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