Winnipeg Concert Announcements - Finger 11 + Nelson

>> Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Finger 11 will be at the Burt on May 7th. Opening acts are slated to be San Francisco's Strata and Winnipeg's own Inward Eye. Tickets are on sale Saturday at master for $32.50.

This Finger 11 announcement has enticed me to consider a list of my top five WORST shows of all time since, to this day, the Finger 11/I Mother Earth sans Edwin concert at Le Rendezvous was the most godawful excuse for a rock event I've ever seen. This occurred AT LEAST seven years ago and still makes me mad (on top of it all, my jacket got stolen and there was $5 in the pocket...just thinking about what I could do with that $5 makes me even madder). I'll get back to you on the other four WORST shows of all time - I need to do some serious thinking first.

In other news, Nelson (they're still around?) are at the MTS Centre on June 19th (a Tuesday). Tickets go on sale Friday.

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